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Nowadays, supplementing to optimize your sports performance and physical fitness is overwhelming for most people, with most companies offering dozens of options.

That’s why PHARMiLABS created 4 carefully researched, specially formulated, and highly effective workout supplements for all your needs.

After all, when it comes to sports and fitness nutrition, pre-workout, intra-workout, and post-workout supplementation make up the Holy Grail for performance, growth, and recovery enhancement.

And of course, if you’re looking to boost your metabolism, fat-burning, and energy levels, you’ll need a supplement to get shredded.


PHARMiLABS gives you everything you need in only four supplements to:

  1. Jumpstart your day, metabolism, and energy with SHREDiX
  2. Prime your body and mind before every workout session with REViX
  3. Power through even the most intense workouts with iNTRiX
  4. Promote muscle growth and boost your endurance with PRO-iX

At PHARMiLABS, we cut through the clutter and confusion, getting straight to the core by giving you the only four supplements you need to succeed.


We make sure you have premium sports and fitness supplements that work just as hard as you do, from start to finish.

And to bring you the very best, we spared no expense.

Our products have been extensively researched and scientifically formulated using pharmaceutical-grade ingredients to help you reach your goals. Each batch of PHARMiLABS supplements is manufactured and tested in the USA.


For maximum results, your workouts and training sessions demand 100% of your focus … leaving no time for trying to learn the complex details of dozens of products and how they will work for you.

That’s why PHARMiLABS created an incredibly simple yet effective way for you to get the best results from supplementation without becoming a nutritional expert!

Stop filling up your pantry, cabinets, and cupboards with dozens of supplements, powders, and pills. Simplify your life and give your body everything it needs with PHARMiLABS’ 4 premium products.

It’s the no-hassles way.

SHREDiX Fat Burner

Use this cutting-edge thermogenic supplement to help burn fat, boost your energy, and promote a healthy metabolism.

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REViX Pre-Workout

For enhanced energy, focus, endurance, and pumps, this powerful pre-workout formula delivers the ultimate experience.

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iNTRiX Intra-Workout

With this stimulant-free intra-workout fuel, you can expect to get the most from every workout and training session.

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PRO-iX Post-Workout

After every session, you’ll want to help your body recover, repair, and grow with this triple protein post-workout blend.

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